Making Your Boat Dreams Come True

At Mallards Marine, we pride ourselves on offering a comprehensive range of services to bring your dream boat to life. From initial brainstorming and design to expert manufacturing, we’re here to ensure every aspect of your boating experience is exceptional. 

Bringing Your Boat Vision to Life

Whether you’re starting from scratch or need expert support for your existing boat, Mallards Marine is your trusted partner. We’re committed to making your boating dreams a reality with our top-notch services and unwavering passion for the water.

Discover Mallards Marine

Your Trusted Boat Manufacturer Since 1989!

Mallards Marine, established in 1989, is a renowned South African boat manufacturer known for crafting high-quality and durable boats. With a legacy of over 30 years, their boats have earned a reputation for lasting performance and retaining value. Guided by honesty and expertise, Mallards Marine takes pride in providing customers with personalized advice and boats that suit their unique preferences.

Our services encompass:


Custom Boat Building

We custom-build boat that reflects your style and preferences. Our skilled craftsmen will bring your vision to reality, creating a vessel that’s uniquely yours.


Certificate of Fitness

Stay compliant and safe with our COF certification services. Our thorough inspections ensure your boat meets all safety standards and regulations.


Engine Services

Smooth sailing begins with a well-maintained engine. Our expert technicians provide top-tier engine services, ensuring your boat’s heart beats strong for every adventure.