630 Ultra

Introducing the all new 630 Ultra: the pinnacle of fishing excellence from Mallards Marine. Built as an enhancement to the renowned Cobra Cat 630, this vessel sets a new standard in comfort and performance on the water.

This boat boasts a sleek center console design, ensuring effortless navigation and optimal maneuverability. Whether you’re embarking on a competitive fishing expedition or enjoying a leisurely day on the water with friends, this boat promises a versatile and unparalleled experience.

Step aboard to discover an abundance of space, thoughtfully distributed seating, two luxurious captain seats ensuring premium comfort, additional seating at the rear as well as a convenient basin and bait board. Every detail is carefully crafted to enhance your time on the water.

Standard Features​
Storage is plentiful, with ample compartments located under seats and within the console, providing space for all your gear and essentials. Fish and fuel hatches in the floor further enhance functionality, ensuring seamless access to key amenities when you need them most.
Length: 6.3m, Beam: 2.65m, Draft: ± 3380mm, Approx weight: 820kg, Fuel capacity: 90 litre, Rated min hp: 115hp x 2hp, Rated max hp: 150hp x 2hp,
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