About Our Cobra Cat 630

Our Cobra Cat 630 offers an easy and comfortable ride – performance wise! Our Cobra Cats are known to ride beautifully in the swell as well as riding sideways into the swell! We would recommend our Cobra Cat 630 to a serious fisherman whether it is competition angler or social fishing – this boat is suitable for big game fishing! She offers a diverse fishing experience from trolling the deep ocean to water closer or even bottom fishing, drifting or lying on anchor – she is the most suitable stable boat that offers it all! 

On deck, there is more than enough space to move around without bumping into one another! 

Here at Mallards we strive for  quality of the finishes on our crafts!  Give us a call for a demo – we are sure that you won’t be disappointed!

Standard features
The Cobra Cat 630 console is further forward, creating more deck space. The front hatch has one door, making it easier to in and out the hatch. An electronics hatch is also fitted in the front making it perfect for radios and more accessible. The bum boxes on the Cobra Cat have been adapted through the years, leaving us with more storage inside the bum boxes while it hasn’t taken away from comfort. The Cobra Cat 630 has a fitted stainless-steel T-top with extra rod holders at the top creating space for outriggers on each side.
Standard Features​
Within the deck there are fitted fish hatches, fuel hatches and pumps for the deck as well as pump for live bait well. In the middle of the deck, there is a bolt-on hatch which can be used for extra storage and seating! An extra bonus is that if you want to go marlin fishing it can be removed and a fighting chair can be fitted!
Length: 6.3m, Beam: 2.65m, Draft: ± 3380mm, Approx weight: 820kg, Fuel capacity: 90 litre, Rated min hp: 115hp x 2hp, Rated max hp: 150hp x 2hp,

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