About Our Cobra Cat 800

On the water, our Cobra Cats 800 really do stand out. Like all our Cobra Cat models, it is not difficult to identify these craft from a distance as they have a particularly distinct look. The 800 boats have a sporty appearance and, with a good length and beam, this immediately gives the impression that she’s a very comfortable craft – and we are confident to say that the Cobra Cat 800 most certainly are! 

Overall our Cobra Cat 800 is well designed and practical, it inherits all the strength quality, styling and finishes that Mallards has become renowned for through their very extensive range! 

If you are tired of being battered around on a small boat in rough seas and are looking to upgrade yourself and family to more comfortable levels, then the Cobra Cat 800 should definitely be on your test list! 

Standard Features
The Cobra Cat 800 has a large open deck area that incorporates a fighting chair or a removable fish hatch. Both these configurations still allow enough space for the anglers to work on deck. Incorporated into this area, there is fish hatches, two live bait hatches, a wide marlin door in the transom and fixed trawling bars! The hull and transom are fully synthetic, so you don't need to worry about transom rot!
Standard Features​
The Cobra Cat 800 Cabin offers a space for a crew member to sit back and relax during quiet times. It is positioned in the starboard forward area of the boat that allows for a good comfortable nap and an accessible practical flush toilet. An extra feature is that our Cobra Cat 800 model can be transformed into a double decker sportfisher.
Length – 8m, Beam – 2.8m, Min hp — 150hp, Max hp — 200hp, Construction — GRP, Buoyancy — Foam-filled
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